Short Story - "The Land of Wires" in Issue 714 of Bewildering Stories Magazine


Had another short story published. Pulp/sci-fi this time. It's the story of a young initiate going of a lonely quest to prove his strength to his tribe. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where the natural world and machines have been bonded in abominable harmony. It's also about the bond between fathers and sons.

You can out it out at:

Why a Ninja Should be President

We've all thought about it...why a ninja should be president of the United States.

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An Open Letter to Patton Oswalt on the Death of his Wife

An open letter to Patton Oswalt on the death of his wife.

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5 NES Games That Deserve a Reboot (And What They Could Look Like)

My list for 5 old school NES games that deserve a next-gen reboot.

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The Revelation of Krishna

My first piece of art, but not my last.

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A piece from back in the day, 2004 I think, that was in Brown University's Literary Journal 3rd Bed. Take a guess what it's about?

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Pickering Does Q & A about Educating, Writing, and 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives Featured in the Chelmsford Independent

Pickering's Q & A in the Chelmsford Independent.

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