Spiders are brown. Spiders can jump very far. If we jumped as far as spiders do then we would be jumping a thousand feet. Spiders have eight legs. The biggest spider is the tarantula. My favorite spider is the daddy long legs because its legs are really long and its body looks like a pea. Spiders are also black too. When there is a spider in my house we all get scared and I tell my mom and she gets it with a napkin. One time my dad stepped on a spider that was in his shoe. Spiders spit web from their butt which they live in and catch food in. Spiders can bite you and they call it a spider bite. Spiders are green sometimes too. If there were no spiders then bugs would take over the world. Some spiders can poison you and kill you. If you are scared of spiders it’s called arachnophobia. Everybody has a little bit of arachnophobia, I think. Some spiders are even blue and purple. The black widow is the worst spider. She can kill you in one bite. People eat 12 spiders when they are asleep in their whole life. One time when we were at my cousin’s house we found a spider’s nest and she said that a thousand spiders lived in it. Spiders are red but this is only a little bit of the time.