An Open Letter to Patton Oswalt on the Death of his Wife

Dear Mr. Oswalt,

     There is so much we can express as fans, but no true words of comfort we can offer as strangers. The shock, sadness, grief, and pain you must be going through is unimaginable.   

     The reason we are writing this open letter is because, like millions have already done through social media, we just want to say, “We're sorry for your loss.”

     Another reason is, we're worried about you Patton. Like you have expressed in your act, one of the two of us brothers suffers from depression. We know how quickly and easily the darkness can creep in and take over. With the unfathomable suffering you must be experiencing right now; we know it must be tempting to give in to the sadness; the fear; the hurt, and just give up.

     Although we're just fans, we want to say we're here for you. And although that means nothing from people you don’t know, we're sure there are loved ones that are close to you that have said the same thing. Reach out to them. Take care of yourself. Fight against the terrible, unfair misfortune you are in the midst of.

     It’s like the scene in the monorail episode of The Simpsons, when Krusty tries to jump out of the runaway train. Leonard Nimoy grabs him just as he leaps, pulling him back from the threshold and says, “No, the world needs laughter.”

     For us, and millions of others, you are a very big part of the laughter in our world. We grew up together watching you grow as a comedian and will always treasure your hilarity. Although it may be a long, long time, if ever, that we get to experience that laughter with you again, it doesn’t matter. As a comedian that has given us so much to snicker, chuckle, and guffaw at already we just want you to do what’s necessary right now: take care of yourself and the rest of your family and friends.

     Again, we're sorry for your loss Patton. Like many others, we've been thinking about you and will continue to hope that you and your loved ones can somehow come to understand and manage what has happened. We know we speak for many when we say that we’re all pulling for you.


Jon and Ryan Pickering