Jonathan Pickering and 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives Featured in Middlesex East

Pickering Shares Thoughts on his Latest Book and the State of Veteran’s Affairs in the U.S.

BOSTON, MA – November 18, 2015 – 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives was featured in the latest edition of Middlesex East, a Massachusetts based print and online publication. The article, written by Pat Blais, "Winchester Native Helps Tell the ‘Real’ Story of Serving Abroad and Coming Home" outlines Pickering’s latest project as well as his thoughts on the state of veteran’s affairs in the U.S.

E-book and print copies of the book can be purchased via Amazon: 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives

The piece outlines Pickering’s sentiments which lead to his 8 year journey gathering research and content before publishing his compilation of narratives. Pickering’s book, which takes an objective look at both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, is intended to “provoke a deeper conversation about the U.S.’s expansive military powers and the waging of war,” explains Blais. “Giving readers insight into the day-to-day lives of soldiers on the warfront, Pickering’s book attempts to explain the nature of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, how they differ from previous wars, and the impact they are having on the nation’s warriors — especially as they try to reintegrate back into civilian life.”

The article explains some of the sentiments that Pickering experienced while interviewing dozens of veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. “We celebrate them as heroes, but then we don’t take the time to understand who they are or what they’ve been doing. We have the most powerful military in the world, but we really don’t discuss what we’re doing and why.  And they’re the ones on the ground serving this country.”

About the Book
20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives is a retrospective of America’s most recent wars told through twenty oral histories from a cross section of veterans who served on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom, with half of the proceeds from the book going to veteran’s organizations. These tales come “from the horse’s mouth” and explain the many physical and emotional highs and lows of life in the combat zone and after. Read more.

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