Pickering Interviewed about 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives by Local Chelmsford News Station

Pickering is featured on Chelmsford’s CTM Newsbreak and talks about 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives.

BOSTON, MAFebruary 24, 2016 - Author Jonathan Pickering and his book, 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives, was recently featured on CTM Newsbreak, a local news show about all things Chelmsford.

Pickering discusses why he decided to write 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives, talking about the apathy he witnessed in U.S. society towards its military endeavors in the Middle East and the struggles of veterans both at abroad and once home.

“Well, they’re not like real wars,” says Pickering, quoting a peer during a discussion he had back in 2007 about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was this off-hand comment that Pickering would trace to the source of wanting to better understand veterans affairs and 21st century U.S. military policy.

Also discussed in the video is one of the most important lessons Pickering learned while writing his book.

“One of the biggest things I learned was that [the veteran’s I spoke to] just wanted an outlet. They just wanted someone to tell [their story] […] They were also very thankful that I wanted to share their tale,” Pickering comments in the video.

Watch Pickering’s portion of CTM Newsbreak here.

E-book and print copies of Pickering’s book can be purchased via Amazon: 20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives. For the books website, visit www.2020narratives.com

For more of Pickering’s work, visit his blog at www.jonathanpickering.com.

About the Book
20/20: The Iraq and Afghanistan Narratives is a retrospective of America’s most recent wars told through twenty oral histories from a cross section of veterans who served on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom and/or Operation Enduring Freedom, with half of the proceeds from the book going to veteran’s organizations. These tales come “from the horse’s mouth” and explain the many physical and emotional highs and lows of life in the combat zone and after. Read more.

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